Friday, July 18, 2014

Typhoon Rammasun Reaches Hainan and Mainland China - Strengthened Again to Category 4

Typhoon Rammasun has finally reached Hainan (population of 9 million) at around 1:30 p.m (1:30 am ET) and Guangdong provinces in southern China. The storm originally appeared as it was not going to be a very strong storm, similar to its traits before slamming into the Philippines. But again for the second time, the storm gained strength again over the South China Sea and is now battering Hainan, with its inner eye wall hugging the island's coast.

The storm is now categorized by the China Meteorological Administration as a super typhoon. The local weather agency issued a 'red' typhoon warning, which is the highest of four color-coded warning levels. As the storm approached Hainan, it carried winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour. Officials claim that this is the strongest storm to hit Hainan in 40 years. 

The evacuation of 26,000 people had taken place on Hainan ahead of the storm. The storm carries violent winds, high waves and torrential rain to southern China, where dozens already have been killed by floods in recent days. 

Back in the Philippines in the city of Manila and surrounding areas, there are millions of people in the city and surrounding areas that have no power, as downed power lines and trees continue blocking roadways in many areas. 

Damages and casualties to Hainan and to mainland China, along with Northern Vietnam, are expected to be very high. Presently, the storm has entered the mainland as a category 4 typhoon, and all that's left now is to wait for the storm to pass. In very densely populated areas, there really is nowhere to go or to hide, but people do their best. Storm surge along the coast has been devastating, and there already is major flooding in Hainan and in mainland China. Details of the storm will be provided once the storm passes. 
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