Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Typhoone Rammasun - Category 3 Bearing Down on Manila, Philippines

It is now believed that Typhoon Rammasun, which is known as "Glenda" in the Philippines, made landfall near Sorsogon, Philippines, which is located on the southeastern part of Luzon Island. at approximately 2 PM Tuesday, July 15 local time. It entered the country as a Category 3 storm with sustained winds of about 125 miles per hour. 

This storm is expected to directly hit Manila, which is the home of approximately 12 million people. It is expected to be over the capital city before noon local time on Wednesday. Many have fled their homes in provinces outside of Manila, and others have decided to stay. The city should expect to see a storm surge of at least 10 feet or more. 

The local weather service in the Philippines, PAGASA, has placed metro Manila in a Signal 3 warning, which is the country's highest typhoon warning designation. 

Just 12 hours ago, the storm was expected to hit the Philippines as a Category 1 storm, but to everyone's surprise, it rapidly gained strength and now plowing through the country as a Category 3 storm. It is now weakening as it passes over mountainous areas of the Northern Philippines, but still on a direct course to Manila. 

The country is expected to see at least 15 inches of rainfall in the Philippines from this storm which is equivalent of a month's worth of rainfall in just one to two days time. 

Typhoon Rammasun, a.k.a. Glenda, intensified rapidly as it approached landfall, with its central atmospheric pressure dropping from 965 millibars to 945 millibars in just 3 hours. 
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