Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Typhoons That Affect The Philippines - Presently Typhoon Rammasun - Category 3

Typhoon Rammasun presently ravenging the Philippines above

The record of Typhoons that have ravaged the Philippines goes back to the September 1881 typhoon. During this storm, approximately 20,000 people lost their lives. In the most modern of times, Typhoon Haiyan became the strongest land-falling tropical cyclone to ever be recorded as it crossed the Central Philippines on November 7 and 8th of 2013. The wettest known tropical cyclone occured in July of 1911, as it dropped over 2,210 millimeters, or 87 inches of rainfall within a 3 day 15-hour period in Baguio City. The northern part of the country receives approximately 30% of their yearly rainfall from these tropical storms, while the southern part of the Philippines only receives approximately 10% of their total rainfall from tropical storms each year. There is no other nation on earth that is more susceptible to tropical weather than the Philippines. Luzon, which is now presently under attack by the latest tropical storm of the year, Typhoon Rammasun is spinning at a category 3 at the moment and will be passing over Luzon on its way to the China Sea before reaching China. The frequency of storms in this region is directly responsible for some of the desolate areas of the Northern Philippines. Typhoon Rammasun is expect to gather more strength as it enters the China Sea. In comparison to Hurricane Arthur that just skirted up the United States Coastline within the last week, this storm is at least 5-6 times stronger and will definitely affect any person in its direct path. 
So again, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, it is best to always try to stay away from such tropical storms. Most of the time, residents of affected areas are given ample notice of the storms and when it should be designated to leave any affected area to protect yourself. Many people heed the warnings of their local governments, but many do not. One of the purposes of this blog, www.hurricanefollower.com is to help bring up the awareness of these types of storms. Storms located around the world, especially in this region surrounding the Philippines will be reported on whenever newsworthy information can be obtained. 

Live satellite loop of Typhoon Rammasun

Typhoon Rammasun is packing winds around 125 mph — a category 3 on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Scale. While the typhoon’s eye is not well-defined on satellite, a band of torrential thunderstorms surrounds its core. 7.13 inches of rain fell in the city of Legaspi on Tuesday. Rammasun was intensifying as it made landfall in Luzon, and only weakened slightly after that.
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