Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What is an 'INVEST' ?

Many have heard of the term 'INVEST' when it comes to meteorology. Before a storm actually is designated as a storm, hurricane or cyclone, the region of weather or area of concern is called an 'INVEST'. It is short for 'investigation' or 'to investigate'. They have been designated by three separate forecast centers, namely the  National Hurricane Center Central Pacific Hurricane Center and Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Because the weather of concern is called an 'invest', that doesn't mean that it will further develop into an area of major concern, or actually turn into a full fledged storm. If the area of concern is in the Atlantic, the name of the storm, made up of numbers, will be followed by the letter 'L'. If the storm name contains the letters 'E' or 'C', then they would be located in either the Eastern Pacific or Central Pacific respectively. If the name is tagged with the letter 'W', then it is in the West Pacific. Some of the letters are used in different areas. For example, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center also issues unofficial warnings for the Australian cyclone region, designating tropical invests with the 'S' suffix when they form west of 135 degrees East, and the 'P' suffix when they form east of 135 degrees East. When it comes to invests in the North Indian Ocean, they are also designated by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and are suffixed with the letter 'A', if they form in the Arabian Sea and with a 'B' if they form in the Bay of Bengal. Interestingly enough, the numbers are reused between 90 and 99. After 99, would come 90 once again. If the system develops into a tropical cyclone, it is reclassified as the next name/number on the list.

In some cases, they will be reported here along with the known storms in different regions around the world. The cases that will be reported will be the ones that have potential to affect a land mass, especially if the  'INVEST' upgrades into a storm of any magnitude.
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